Catrice liquid lipstick C03 Marilyn Monrouge

When I heard about the new collection of Catrice I was beyond happiness. In the preview pictures the products looked so good. I really wanted to try at least one of them! And here I am with my review of the Catrice liquid lipstick in Marilyn Monrouge.


The packaging is quite simple, but still has a modern touch. The inside is shaped like a lipstick which gives it an extra cool look.


The applicator is just the same as a lipgloss. It also takes a lot of product se be carefull when putting it on.


Now, the best part of the review: the colour and substance. The substance is a bit on the thicker side. It can be difficult to distribute the product evenly on your lips. It also stays stcky and doesn’t feel that good on my lips. I would say that it feels and looks more like a gloss than a liquid lipstick. The colour is great and highly pigmented but doesn’t distribute evenly like I mentioned before. I don’t think this is a good product for me because I just can’t stand the stickyness of the product, it really bothers me.

Have you already tried one of these series?


Yvanka Untitled 4


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