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Studying is an unavoidable part of school life. Now exams are coming it is very important to know how to study well. In this article I will give you some advice on how to study correctly. Do keep in mind that some of these tips won’t work for you, but will for someone else. You have to decide by yourself if a certain tip will help you or not.


Pay attention in class

Paying attention in class is very important. You will understand the theory best if you listen to your teacher. It will also help you memorise all the subjects and important things. Teachers also often give hints so listen carefully!

Take good notes in class

While listening to your teacher in class you should take good notes. Only write down the most important words and use short sentences. Don’t try to write down everything your teachers says. You can use symbols and abbreviations.

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Make a summary

Before you really start studying you should make a summary. This will help you to structure your theory and make it easier to learn. It’s a good thing to use colours in your summary but don’t overdo it!

Make a schedule

This tip will not work for everyone. Some people can’t have benefit from making a study schedule. People like me for instance. If I want to make a schedule it takes too much time because I want it to be ‘perfect’. Try and decide if making a schedule helps you keeping track of your studying or not.

Take a break

You will be even more motivated if you give yourself a break. The most used method is the Promodoro method. This means that you will devide your work into groups of 4 X 25 minutes. After each group of 25 minutes you will get 5 minutes to have a break. After each group of 4 X 25 minutes you will get 10 minutes to take a break.

Search a good place to study

A place that is quiet and clean will help you concentrate on your work. You can also play some music in the background that will help you relax. Don’t put the music too loud!

Shut down your phone, computer, …

These devices will only distract you. If you have to use your computer for your slides or summary you can use StayFocusd (Google Chrome) or Mindful Browsing (Safari) to temporary block certain websites.

Drink water and eat healthy

It’s proven that unhealthy foods and drinks will make your brain tired. We don’t want that! While you are studying you should have a big glass of water next to you and some healthy snacks for instance fruit.

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Make your own test.

After learning all your theory it’s a good idea to make your own test. Go over your summary and write down some questions. This is a good way to check if you know all your theory.

I hope these tips will help you.


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2 thoughts on “Study tips

  1. Met muziek op kan ik me alleen nog maar lastiger concentreren.. Maar alle andere tips zijn heel erg goed, vooral een pauze nemen; daarna kan je echt meer informatie opnemen! En gezond eten moet je eigenlijk altijd doen, is alleen maar goed voor je 🙂


    1. Het hangt inderdaad af van persoon tot persoon of je naar muziek kan luisteren tijdens het leren. Een zacht muziekje op de achtergrond helpt bijvoorbeeld wel voor mij omdat ik anders afgeleid raak door de stilte :p En inderdaad, gezond eten is altijd belangrijk, maar veel studenten grijpen naar de snoepjes en koekjes tijdens het leren dus wou dit toch nog even aankaarten 🙂


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