My perfume collection

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I have a lot of perfumes. Smelling good is very important for me. In this article I’ll show you all of my perfumes and where you can buy them.



DKNY Be Delicious

12319286_10205157130913176_2056595823_nI got this perfume from my boyfriend two years ago. It smells like apples and exotic flowers. I really like this scent but I don’t wear it that often because I really have to feel like wearing it because it’s such a strong scent.

Want to buy? Galleria Inno – 36,05 euro



Indigo APL Fruitylicious

12285997_10205157130993178_646228775_nThis perfume is a dupe for the DKNY perfume. It smells like almost the same. only the packaging is different. This one is a lot cheaper than the one from DKNY but ofcourse this one doesn’t last that long. I would say that it only lasts for half an hour. So you do pay for the ‘bad’ quality.

Want to buy? Action – 1,69 euro


Nina Ricci Nina

12305842_10205157130473165_1260359126_nThis is my absolute favourite perfume! It has a fruity scent with a touch of roses. This is my second one and it’s almost empty again because I use it so much. If you are a girly girl and like the smell of roses I definitely recommend this perfume!

Want to buy? Nina Ricci Nina – 53,95 euro 



Evidence by Yves Rocher and Roses de Chloé

12308911_10205157130273160_193387032_nThese perfumes smell the same but Evidence smells a bit harder. They both smell like flowers, especially roses.

Want to buy? Evidence – 19,90 euro and Roses de Chloé – 39,08 euro


Sweet Lolita Lempicka

12312410_10205157130833174_575132283_nThis is such a good perfume! It smells sooo good. I also got this one from my boyfriend. It smells like cherries and exotic flowers.

Want to buy? Sweet Lolita Lempicka – 59,90 euro




The Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose 

12312079_10205157131113181_294072718_nI got this perfume from my friends for my birthday. It smells like nuts and blackberries but when it touches your skin it changes into the smell of roses. I’m so happy I got this from my friends!

Want to buy? White Musk Smoky Rose – 29 euro



Christina Aguilera, Hollister Palisades Beach Mist and Esprit

12319445_10205157131353187_1013940915_nThese are perfumes I want to show you but are not really worth mentioning. The first perfume is from Christina Aguilera and smells like jasmine. The second one is a body mist from Hollister and smells like peach, kiwi and pink grapefruit. The scent doesn’t last that long. The last one is a perfume I got from a friend 3 years ago. It’s one from Esprit but they don’t sell it anymore.

Want to buy? Christina Aguilera – 27,85 euro and Hollister – 13 euro


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